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Welcome to Hammer Lane Consultants, offering asset protection guidance for truckers by a born and bred trucker. Here, we understand the trucking industry, the challenges truckers face, and the need to protect loved ones.

Why “Hammer Lane”?

For those who are considering a commercial trucking career, you will soon discover that truckers have their own language and slang. One of those terms is “hammer lane”, which just means the fast lane, or the passing lane of a highway. Usually that is the far-left lane, where drivers can “hammer down” or “step on it”, and pass those in the slower lanes.

We named our company, Hammer Lane Consultants, because we knew that any trucker would immediately recognize that term and know that we were geared towards the trucking industry.
unhealthy trucker
According to the National Institute of Health, 50% of truck drivers are obese, compared to the national average of 26.7%

Hammer Lane Trucking

When you become a career trucker and become part of the “hammer lane” commercial trucking industry, not only will you discover a whole new language, but you will eventually learn that there are both pros and cons to being a professional big-rig driver. Some of the advantages and benefits of being a truck driver include travel, good pay, job security (will always need goods transported), and adventure, as well as new places and new people.

Of course, as with any career choice, there are going to be some cons, some drawbacks.

For truckers, these negatives, include:

♦ loneliness
♦ fatigue
♦ unhealthy lifestyle
♦ unhealthy food
♦ obesity
♦ heart disease
♦ high blood pressure
♦ and stress.

Then there are the dangers inherent with being a truck driver: road accidents, load accidents, disability, and death.

trucking dangerous job

Broke Down in the Hammer Lane

broke down in the hammer lane

While no trucker wants to have equipment failure on the side of the highway, there’s a second way to be broke down in the hammer lane that has nothing to do with equipment.

This second type of break down has to do with the driver and what often happens if the trucker is suddenly unable to work…or worse.

This second break down doesn’t just impact the driver, but his family and assets, as well.

While Hammer Lane Consultants cannot help you with a flat tire or a blown head gasket, we can help protect you,  your family, and your assets in the event that you find yourself on the side of the road, unable to go forward.

Trucker Asset Protection

Now, unless you are an independent owner/operator and totally self-employed, you will probably work for a trucking company. An advantage to working for a commercial trucking operation is that you will probably have benefits, such as: vacations, sick leave, health insurance, and even life insurance. However, leaving the protection of your family, as well as your personal and business assets in the hands of employer-provided insurance, can be extremely risky.

If you are totally self-employed, then you won’t have those built-in benefits, and will need to put safeguards in place to protection those you love.

Kevin Alexander, Hammer Lane Consultants

Hammer Lane Consultants will help you take an informed look at fully protecting your assets, and at the same time building a nest egg that you can draw on in the event of a temporary or chronic illness. We can also show you how this asset protection can be a huge financial gain.

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